Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not doing well!

No, I'm not sick. I just don't do well with keeping up with the blog. Thought I would put another post here since it has been soooo long. Lot's of things going on...
1.) Matthew is moving back home. He didn't do too well out of the house and needs to come home to learn how to stand on his own and try again to make it in the "real world". I pray for the best for him. 2.)I am back at quilting quilts again. I have about 10 I need to work on this month alone. One is back with the owner (a lady Superman works with). Our quilt club is getting ready for our annual quilt show at Founder's Day. I would love to finish one of my quilts to put in show and get a mini for the auction. 3.) I am making a sample for the new quilt shop. It is a Marti Michelle quilt. It is a little challenging being there are no measurements, only templates. So I used templates to get measurements and have done a bit of "speed cutting". 4.)I am going to the District meeting for TEEA for the first time in years. Decided to spend the night and take one day off to spend with the ladies. I do enjoy the group. It will be fun! I am making flower pins to sell at the retreat.

Spring is here and I am cooking supper outside, so I need to go tend to it. Hopefully I will get back soon. I bought a new camera and will figure out how to upload pictures.