Thursday, February 7, 2013

Foggy Brain

I have a quilt that a friend has given to me to quilt.  It has been partially loaded for over a week now.  I am doing the "stand and stare".  I know some elements she wants in the quilt (feathers) and I am just having a hard time trying to figure out what and where.  There is a large star in the center and lots of blank space around the star and then the borders.  I am finding it hard to just get going on it.  My deadline is fast approaching so I need to get it going this weekend.

This weekend also included working on taxes.  I need to at least buy the Turbo Tax and get started on getting it done.  We have to have it done before our cruise so that if we need to pay, we can get it paid and save more for the cruiise.  The other upside is if we get any back, we have it to take on the cruise!

Weigh-In Wednesday

I know I haven't posted in awhile.  But I have kept on working and making note of the loss.  For the past two weeks, I was losing inches, but not weight.  Finally, some weight has come off!  Today I weigh 187 lbs.  I have lost 9 lbs since I began walking.  Here are the measurement details:  Under Bust, 35; fullest bust, 44.5; Waist, 38.25; hip, 44.25; thigh 24.25.  That gives me a toal loss of 5.25".  Not bad.  I can't remember if I said that I was starting to do an under bust measurement.  It is hard for me to determine if I am measuring at the exact point when I measure the bust and thigh, especially the thigh.  Since I do it weekly, as with all things, practice will help to get it in to the same spot.  I started a program (works similar to Weight Watchers) that the Agrilife Center is doing.  It is Step Up to Scale Down.  We had our first meeting on Monday.  I am now writing down what I am eating and counting calories.  For my goal, I am not to each more than 1600 each day.  That is harder than I thought it would be.  I always felt like I didn't eat much, but according to my tracking, I eat more in calories than what I thought I did.  You can also track yourself at  You can track your food by calories, eating a balanced diet and as in my case, sodium.  I have high blood pressure and I need to keep an eye on my sodium.  One of my goals is to get off of the blood pressure medicine, which I think is totally doable.  I have increased my walking time and I do my best to walk each night and take Sunday's off.  Set a goal and stick to it!