Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Day

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I was off from work for MLK day (funny story to follow later). I have three main goals for this year: learn to use my embroidery/sewing machine, learn to use my computerized serger, and learn to use EQ5. This will be a year of learning and probably frustrations. I need a new purse. Mine is out of season and starting to show a little wear. I looked around my room and found a pattern that I had bought and the handles. It is made from scraps and recycled jeans. I decided that will be a perfect project for learning to use the sewing machine. The purse will have a "western theme". I found a horse that I want to embroider on one of the pockets. The purse is done in a crazy patch style. So I had a friend come over to help me. She has the same brand machine. We could spend some time together and my learning curve could be reduced. Set up the embroidery, had all my threads sitting on the spool holder ready to go. It started sewing...just over 5,000 stitches in black. Man, is that a lot. Finally we got to a color change request (even had to put in a new bobbin). I wondered, "Why is it stitching so much of the horse in black?". First color change request said it was color change 12!! What happened to all the others?? The horse was stiched totally in black. Not what I planned. So I have another pocket to do to get it the right colors that I want. I don't know how we "re-programmed" the colors.

So it is MLK day yesterday. I thought it was Veterans Day. I put a sign up on the front door at work "Closed for Veterans Day" on Monday or Tuesday last week. Thursday night I noticed that someone had taken it down. Now, I taped it up pretty good. It sometimes gets windy and we have NEVER lost a sign before. So Friday I put another up...Closed for Veterans Day. Monday afternoon at 5:00 pm Superman and I were watching TV. All the innaguration stuff and MLK stuff. Yeah, I know it is all tied together...I have a dream and all. Superman says, "You know what today was don't you?" "Sure I do, Veterans Day." It's not Veterans Day, its MLK day! Now I know why someone took my sign. But I saw where Bush and Chaney started the day at the unkown soldier tomb yesterday. So why were they there if not for Veteran's Day! Live and Learn.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I've have received a few catalogs in the mail tauting, "Grow Your Own" (fruit). A couple of years ago, we purchased two blueberry bushes, a cherry tree and a peach tree. We have gotten some blueberries; not enough to do anything with other than eat them as you pick them. Some kind of worm at the leaves off of the cherry tree as soon as we planted it. Last year I think some kind of storm came through and took care of the blossoms. The peach tree however, gave us great amount of peaches. The peaches are soooo tasty and juicy. I made preserves with them last year and we ate several also. This is planting and pruning time in my neck of the woods. So, I went to the nursery today and bought several fruit trees/vines. Superman, WOW Child and College Kid dug the holes for two trees and the blueberry bushes before I got home. They did not know what I was going to be bringing back. I got another Red Globe peach, an apple tree (Black Arkansas I think), a golden raspberry, a red raspberry, two more blueberry bushes (Climax and Tifton Blue), and two thornless blackberries. Superman also wanted a pear tree (for the deer, we are pear eaters, but the deer are). I got a bear-root Oriental. The brochure I had said it was aromatic. I am sure that will draw the deer to our field! Can't wait for summer to get here and see if I have anything other than my peaches and handful of blueberries. Yum, Yum!

We are also planning on putting in a vegetable garden. It is time to be plotting and preparing the soil. Hopefully, the weather will be as nice as it was today (made it to the 50's) and I can get out and do some digging. I don't mind doing the work, I just let the boys do it if they are here.

We also have chickens. I love my chickens. They started laying around Thanksgiving. I have five left (after coyotes). I watch them the best that I can to keep them. I enjoy having them in the spring/summer months as they keep the bugs down near the house. But then, they also scratch and dig everywhere.

Superman is also digging and moving trees this weekend. He has some cedars and others that he is moving for the deer and block the view of the neighbors. We are working on putting in a wildlife managment area on our back 16 acres. Hopefully, one day we can build back there also. He has plotted out where he will have feed plots, deer feeders, build the trees back up for shelter, etc. We have an areial map that he has maked everything on, except the house to be. That is a hope for, but don't know if it will actually happen.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Look Not Working

I got the new glasses. I like how they look ON me, but not how I can see. I was told there would be an adjustment for a few days. It has been almost a week. I do fine at home, but when I get to work and throw in the computer and that I am always looking away and then down, I get the headaches from eye strain. The vision is a bit blurry. I have to place the monitor on my desk almost a yard away to see it, but then, I am so far away from the phone, calculator, keyboard and desktop. So then, I move closer to use/see those things and then I can't see the computer again. I think I am going to have to go back in and have them check me again. I have bifocals and have had them for many years. That is not the problem. I wonder if I need to go to trifocals. I don't want to, nor can I have two pair of glasses. I need to see up close often and would constantly be putting on and switching glasses. NOT FUN!

Anyway, this makes the days at work seem extra long. I am soooo tired when I get home at the end of the day. I also noticed today that it was starting to affect how I was acting in response to people. I can't have that. I am a tax collector at the appraisal office and people already aren't happy. I have to smile and be happy...my smile wasn't there today.

So I came home, we got Subway for supper. Yeah!...no cooking tonight. Then I took a hot bath, had a glass of wine and unwound. I am much better now.

Got some things done today. Needed to order my "baby's" graduation stuff. I have never gotten a package from the school (he either hasn't gotten it, lost it, or just doesn't care). I did receive a postcard from the company, so I got online tonight and it is now ordered!!

Tomorrow should be a nice day. The temperature is supposed to be up around 80. I like that. I will have to open the house to "air out". Then during the night, Superman and WOW child and WOW child's friend are going coyote hunting. We have had a problem with them killing my chickens. I haven't had any attacks for a week now, but they all go to the coop and get locked up each night. I also wait until daylight to let them out each day. I heard that there is a bounty on them. It is either $25 or $50 per coyote. They must be having a big problem in our small county with them. Then the next cold front comes in during the night. Oh well! It is good quilting weather!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year, New Look

Well it is the 3rd Day of the New Year and I decided to get this blog going. I have set some wishes/goals for the year. The ones I will mention at this time (not in any particular order, just get it done): Get my blog going AGAIN, learn EQ5 (I won't upgrade to 6 unless I find that 5 just can't handle it. I upgraded from 4 and have never really learned how to use the program to it's fullest.), finish at least half of my UFO's, start stashbusting, learn how to use my embroidery machine, and learn how to use my serger. That is probably a good list to get going with. I bought the embroidery machine and serger from a friend. The embroidery is a Viking 1 Designer, and the serger is computerized Husky Lock. I have finished all the customer quilts that I have around and now can concentrate on my stuff. I want to get things made for my house and family this year. One of those projects is the Debbie Mumm classic Santa wallhanging. I will post a picture of it later in the year. The pattern used to be on the internet, but last time I went to it, it had been removed. I need to make at least six. I am starting a hope chest for my boys. I will make things and collect things that I think they should have at their own home and put in a box for them for the future. Then if I am here, or not, they will have things that I have made for their homes. Now for the NEW LOOK: today I start with new glasses. I have never had any that will look like the ones I am getting. They have a darker frame around the lens and is shaped different that other frames I saw. Who knows what else could go for the new look...maybe a few pounds lighter and a more stylish hairdo?? I have been studying and trying new things for the past couple of months. Hair is cut short again, and I have been blow-drying it to style it. Usually, I just let it dry naturally. Never use a curling iron. I also have been trying different colors in the wardrobe and new styles in jewelry. I think everyone should not be afaird to try something new. You just never know, you might like it!