Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I haven't posted in awhile. I have finished quilting two quilts. I am getting ready for our community quilt show so a few quilts came in for that. I also have a couple of people who are already working on Christmas. How nice it must be to have it all done way before and not be caught up in a crunch. That way you could actually enjoy Christmas and reflect more in the season than I've got to go get so & so a gift. Handmade gifts are so much more valuable, especially in times like this when we are in a fast lane for results and people don't have/make time to make a gift for someone. I work at an appraisal tax office and protest period begins tomorrow. We have had quite a few changes this year and figure that many people will be upset and calling/coming into the office. Last year (my first protest period) I was told that not many people were protesting. Seemed like several to me, but I didn't have anything to compare it to. I fear (because people get real angry) that there will be many more this year.
Time to get dressed and hopefully get a few minutes of quilting done before work.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Movin' On

I finished my customers quilt. Will call her today to set up a delivery time. I had ordered fabric for the back of the donation quilt my group Piecemakers are making. I received an email that the fabric should be delivered Friday. I was going to call a friend and tell her I could take her quilt, but now I will have to wait. I have three more quilts to get quilted within three weeks. Two of them will be custom and one probably a pantograph. I don't have much time to always get online to post between working and quilting. I usually get online in the early morning, that is if the computer is working. It has been done for a few days and I don't have time at work to check on emails and read a blog or two. I am moving thru the quilts the best I can. One day I want to spend some time, probably in month to read and learn more about how to enhance my blog and get more on it. Since I won't have my fabric in until tomorrow, I will have time tonight to start on OC. I haven't pulled my four fabrics yet, so it is truly going to be scrappy. Can hardly wait to get to sew and work on MY project tonight!