Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekend Work

The kitchen island is now complete!  Hurray!  I love the new space.  I am at the counter working right now on my laptop.  The countertop was delivered Tuesday.  There are a few flaws on it.  Home Depot gave us a credit on our account for that.  The company that made and delivered the top was to contact me to see about fixing some of the chips in the formica, but they have not called.  I will probably never hear from them again.  I am going to try to seal them so it won't wear down any further. 

We found the chairs at a garage sale for $30 (for2).  They are like brand new.  What a deal!  I have seen the same chair online for over $100 each.  Now I have to figure out what all to put in the drawers and have it make sense so I can remember where things are.  That will be one weekend chore.

Jim is spending the day working in the yard.  Grass has not been cut in awhile and it looks like a hay field.  Speaking of that, the hay was cut this week.  Last night, they were starting to rake and bale.  I tried taking a picture.  It looked so neat with all the lights when they were baling in the something from a movie.  But as the camera went off, he had moved to have the back end facing me, not a side view.  You can't tell what it is.  So no picture.  They will be back today to finish.

Another task for the weekend is to clean up Matthew's room so that the spare bed can be put in it for me and Jim the sleep there when we have guest later this week for 4th of July.  We need to also put the window unit in so that it will be nice and cool at nights.

I just need to get the house organized.  I feel like I am walking all over stuff.  When I had some areas cleared, someone (not naming names here) filled it right up with stuff, and now it is worse than it was to begin with.  So I we decided to clear things up and give away. Not doing anymore garage sales.

Need to get started on the day. He is asking about breakfast.  On the weekends, we cook a big breakfast on Saturday.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Truck Had Kittens

Matt borrowed the truck and they heard a noise.  They tracked it down to find about 6 kittens under the tool box in the corner of the bed of the truck.  That was on the hottest day so far, Thursday.  I bought some cat food and left that and some water out for the mom.  She is completely wild.  I knew a cat was around here about a month or so ago, but I haven't seen her or heard her in a while.  I know the kittens were in truck this morning, but when I went to leave food and water this afternoon (before the rain), she had moved them.  I don't know where.  I may never see them again.  I plan to leave food out in the same place as long as she comes to get it.  I know she needs the extra nutrition to nourish the kittens.
Looks like that kitten has quite the markings.  Looks almost like a pug dog.  Maybe I can find them and get them tame...then to find homes.
I have been working on one of the quilts from the cruise.  Got a lot put together this past week.  It is going together fairly fast.
I did a test of a four block layout to decide how I wanted to place the lights and mediums.  I decided to go with completely scrappy.They are almost all put together.

We had some rain today and it helped to cool down the temps a bit.  Which is VERY good as our A/C has decided to not work properly.  So we have had it off all day.  Need to get the A/C guy out here on Monday.  I had the plumber here last week to work on fixing the septic line.  It was sticking too far out of the ground had been run over a couple of times with the mower and I think a piece fell back in the line and was clogging it.  Hopefully, I will not get a third thing that needs to be fixed.  They always seem to go in three's.
Have a great day.  Tomorrow is Father's Day.  I may go visit my dad.  I will have to see how tomorrow shapes up.