Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year! Welcome 2011

A new year begins. I don't really DO resolutions, but here they are anyway. First there are the standards: get organized, lose weight by eating healthy and exercising. Then the carryovers from last year (I poop out after awhile and don't get all my resolutions completed): learn to use the embroidery machine, and EQ5. I did take a class on sergers and learned several new things, but I didn't keep using the serger so I sorta forgot some things. But, I have a good book or two and I do use it for clothing construction. I bought 30+ yards of fabric from my favorite online store Thousands of Bolts and must SEW, SEW, SEW! Here is my fabric purchase:

Don't you just love it. New fabric! I love fabric. Will happily put it on my shelf where I can see it so that I can use it. I love looking at all the pieces of fabric...the colors, patterns, prints. Oh what JOY!

The guys are out shooting fireworks right now. The dog is hiding under the computer desk. I am inside where it is warm...dreaming of what I am going to so this weekend with 3 days off from work. Have a Happy and Safe New Year's Day.

UFO Challenge 2011

I am going to do the UFO challenge at Patchwork Times. Here is my list of projects:

1. Quilt Mystery Quilt
2. Plan and prepare applique for Log Cabin Baskets
3. Attach all applique's for Log Cabin Baskets
4. Quilt Log Cabin Baskets
5. Finish applique for Christmas Block of the Month
6. Finish putting Christmas Block of the Month together
7. Sew civil war table runner
8. Put my sister's antique quilt together
9. Put Amy's antique quilt together
10. Quilt the two class sampler quilts.
11. Finish the two machine quilting class samples
12. Finish the reindeer games pillows.

I will post some pics. This is what I remember off hand and hope to get them done. Some I have been working or or cut out for five or more years. This will be great!! Thanks Judy. It may be just the motivation I need to get it all done. And, it should keep my blog running. Helps in more ways than one.

Friday, December 24, 2010

I'm Back!

I hate computer problems! The internet quite working on my computer. My son works on computers and he could not fix it. We figured that part of the internal components went out again. Then all of a sudden, it started working again. HURRAY!! It is Christmas Eve. I have had a problem getting in the Christmas spirit. Today I am baking, staring at my Christmas tree and plan on listening to Christmas music. Tonight we will go to chruch for the Christmas Eve service. I love having time off from work.

Sorry, I don't know how to rotate the picture yet.

Boy was I bad yesterday. I ordered 35 yards of fabric. I had better be busy sewing next year. Don't know how to sneak this in the house. Superman is off for two weeks and would surely notice the package before me. Maybe I'll be lucky and the UPS man will give to me at the office.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And no, I didn't finish the Santa I was working on. I hope to finish over the holidays. I will post a pic when it is done.

Monday, November 8, 2010


The trip to Houston was great! We went to the show on Friday. I only bought some things for making a crazy quilt. The turtle quilt was displayed so nicely. I walked around a corner and there it was, center on the wall (the largest on wall) with spotlights on it. The tourquoise color "popped" out and the quilting looked really good. There is gold metallic in the fabric for the turtles and the light made them sparkle. A kind lady took a picture of me and Laurie in front of the quilt.

We did so much sewing on Saturday. Her daughter is expecting her second baby (looks like anytime now, the baby has dropped and she is dilating). I had so much fun sewing baby items. Laurie bought robes and other items at the goodwill store and we cut them up to make diaper pads, diaper covers, and pants. I have a HUGE supply of lace, so everything we could put lace on, we did! I have all boys, so no lace there. I also took my serger and had some "bonding" time with it. Here is a picure of Laurie doing some cutting:

And finally, here is my first post on Design Wall Monday:

I purchased a kit to finish it. It is a Santa Stick. I am not using the fusible interfacing to lay it out, just cutting the squares and sewing them together. I don't know if the fusible would be easier or not. Keep an eye out for the final result.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Where to start?

I have so many things to work on I don't know where to begin. I need to call my SIL and get plans made for going to the Houston show. I could not get a lot of time off, so I plan on leaving Thursday night so that I can go to the show on either Friday or Saturday. I have never been on a Saturday. I used to go on Thursday, but now I work full time. I have a quilt in the show that I quilted. Here is a picture of it.

It will be nice to see it hanging in the show. It is in a special exhibit. She says that credit is given to the quilter. Then afer the show we are planning on getting some sewing done. My niece is expecting a baby girl this time and is due Thanksgiving. I want to get some things made for the baby. It will be a nice trip.

Fall Again

Hay is now cut. Yeah! The deer are sorry for their loss. They have been coming up to the house within 30 feet to eat at the oak tree and the poke, then they lie down for the night in the grass. Now there is not any tall grass in the field except the area where the septic lines are running. I am surprised that they come that close to the house, even if the dog is barking at them. The air is also crisp this morning. A cold front came in last night. I love fall!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I am a member of the local quiting group and we drew names (like secret pals) and we were to make a gift for our pal. The theme was "Fall" and my pal did not decorate for Halloween, so I designed a table topper/runner for her. She likes brights and is very creative, so I made this:

What I'm working on

Well here goes to try to upload pictures to the blog. I put the sofware on my laptop and found the cord to transfer pics and that is done now, is the next class I am teaching at Stitchin Memories:
Not in the spot I wanted, but I will work on it.
This is an easy pieced, diamond-free block from Nancy Johnson-Srebro's book Stars by Magic. There are no set in seams and if you follow the pressing directions, it goes together so nicely. Off to work on something else.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good Intentions

Well here I am back again STARTING OVER on the blog. Maybe I will keep up with it this time. I read several blogs and enjoy them greatly, but lack on posting on my own. I read back through my old posts. Seems that I have re-appearing themes: post on blog more, work on my stuff (quilts/projects) more, learn EQ5 (no I haven't ever updated and 7 is out now), learn how to use the embroidery machine. Just to get up to date....lost weight and have mananged to keep most of it off. Not a huge amount, but at least it is down some. Need to start exercising more. Love to watch Biggest Loser, it is an inspiration. Took a class on how to use my serger. I taught myself as the ladies at the shop didn't know anything about my older model. I am not happy with some of the stitches, but I can at least now thread it and get a stitch. Had a garage sale and sold about only one big tub of lace (I had four or more). I am now intersted in crazy quilting as I had a class with Alice Wilhoit so I may set up an etsy shop or something and sell embellishments. I won an award at the state TEEA meeting in September...Leadership Award. It is for making a change in your community and being a leader. It is an honor to receive it. I teach beginning quilting at the local quilt shop. We had one move here and open up. I teach the basic classes and enjoy teaching beginners. The only problem - it is on Saturday's so I don't get them free anymore. Will have to come up with a solution to change that. I will figure out the picture post today. I think that will get me to post more on the blog. Lots of ideas filling my head for the blog. Maybe I will keep it up. Off to rule in my world...aka, going out to quilt in the studio.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not doing well!

No, I'm not sick. I just don't do well with keeping up with the blog. Thought I would put another post here since it has been soooo long. Lot's of things going on...
1.) Matthew is moving back home. He didn't do too well out of the house and needs to come home to learn how to stand on his own and try again to make it in the "real world". I pray for the best for him. 2.)I am back at quilting quilts again. I have about 10 I need to work on this month alone. One is back with the owner (a lady Superman works with). Our quilt club is getting ready for our annual quilt show at Founder's Day. I would love to finish one of my quilts to put in show and get a mini for the auction. 3.) I am making a sample for the new quilt shop. It is a Marti Michelle quilt. It is a little challenging being there are no measurements, only templates. So I used templates to get measurements and have done a bit of "speed cutting". 4.)I am going to the District meeting for TEEA for the first time in years. Decided to spend the night and take one day off to spend with the ladies. I do enjoy the group. It will be fun! I am making flower pins to sell at the retreat.

Spring is here and I am cooking supper outside, so I need to go tend to it. Hopefully I will get back soon. I bought a new camera and will figure out how to upload pictures.