Saturday, August 3, 2013

Getting Caught Up

I havn't posted in awhile.  Today I will get it caught up.  I am sitting outside today under my gazebo.  The temp is around 95.  Today is one of the first days I have truly enjoyed this summer.  I am a native Texas girl.  I enjoy and love the summer here.  Most people say it gets too hot.  I am not a big fan of a/c.  If I am not moving around too much and a fan is blowing I am okay with that.  I do however love to sleep with the window unit on which gets the room quite cold at night (I need a blanket).  It has been cooler than normal and raining more than usual (won't complain), so I haven't enjoyed getting in the pool as much..  Today is perfect. I took out my contacts and really swam today for the first time this summer.  I LOVE IT!  I am going to be "bad" and skip church in the morning and spend the day outside.  I am hoping that when I take vacation later this month, that the weather will be like today...not too hot, but hot enough.

Finally got a counter top made right for the kitchen island.  I am thrilled with the results.  The current plans for vacation are to refinish the other piece that I bought at the same time for the bathroom and paint downstairs.  I would also like to squeeze in a trip to Houston to see the new grand-niece and get caught up on all of them.

We have ditched Dish.  We bought a Roku.  I am very happy with it so far.  I am able to watch the shows I want to with HuluPlus.  The unit is completely paid for within 2 months (compaired to what I was paying for Dish).  Roku works with my internet to provide me with TV shows I was watching on regular TV, plus some I was not able to watch. I am able to watch past episodes of many shows and some I even grew up with.  Jim and I are constantly finding something new to watch everyday.    We can watch news clips, TV shows or movies.  We are paying $8.50 a month to HuluPlus vs. $75 month to Dish.  We are happy with Roku.

I had another birthday.  I am now a "legal" senior citizxen.  I got my first discont meal  Friday.  I don't know how much I saved, but that is about the only up on the downside of getting older.  I know there are several establishments that will give discounts to those who are 55 or older.  Now I can take advantage.  I also decided it was time to start an eye creame for wrinkles.  My sister gave me one for my birthday..  Now I am old enough for one.    As I have gotten older, I have heard from less people on my birthday.  My dad has not called me (or my sister for her birthday) for two years now.  Guess he wants to forget that day???or he is so old he forgets the day???  But this year, I did not hear from my mother-in-law or sister-in-law and still haven't.  Maybe they are too busy?  I did hear from my sister and one of Jim's sister's (Laurie who I share the quilting bug with) and many people in the community I live.  Also all my boys called.  Several people were born on same day here.  There are about 6 of us at church.  Jim and I went out for a sushi dinner and then cooked ribs for whoever showed up later that weekend (Matt, his girfriend Amie and her brother.  Ricky had to work.)  It was a very good weekend,.

Guess time to go.  Two grande margaritas and time to hit the pool.  Later...stay cool!