Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Some New Developments

I guess we didn't get left out of the inheritance all together.  Brenda called to see if anyone wanted Dad's Tahoe.  My nephew said he could use it.  So I made arrangements to pick it  up.  I also asked if she had found the gold coins my aunt had asked about.  Brenda went back into her apartment and brought it out to me.  She has told me that some of the places dad had his money invested would be contacting us to settle.  To date we have only been contacted by one. The amount that was paid on that was much smaller than what I would have expected (if nothing had been changed as I had been told).   I understand that with his medical and her medical, it probably ate a bunch up.  I just don't think that if it was split her family her half and then my dad's half being split with her and his family.  They get 3/4 and we get 1/4.  Doesn't sound too fair and equitable, but it may be what has happened.  It is just money.  That is nice to have and can make life easier, but it can also make it harder.  I really wanted the ashes, but that is not going to happen.