Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

I know I haven't posted in awhile.  But I have kept on working and making note of the loss.  For the past two weeks, I was losing inches, but not weight.  Finally, some weight has come off!  Today I weigh 187 lbs.  I have lost 9 lbs since I began walking.  Here are the measurement details:  Under Bust, 35; fullest bust, 44.5; Waist, 38.25; hip, 44.25; thigh 24.25.  That gives me a toal loss of 5.25".  Not bad.  I can't remember if I said that I was starting to do an under bust measurement.  It is hard for me to determine if I am measuring at the exact point when I measure the bust and thigh, especially the thigh.  Since I do it weekly, as with all things, practice will help to get it in to the same spot.  I started a program (works similar to Weight Watchers) that the Agrilife Center is doing.  It is Step Up to Scale Down.  We had our first meeting on Monday.  I am now writing down what I am eating and counting calories.  For my goal, I am not to each more than 1600 each day.  That is harder than I thought it would be.  I always felt like I didn't eat much, but according to my tracking, I eat more in calories than what I thought I did.  You can also track yourself at  You can track your food by calories, eating a balanced diet and as in my case, sodium.  I have high blood pressure and I need to keep an eye on my sodium.  One of my goals is to get off of the blood pressure medicine, which I think is totally doable.  I have increased my walking time and I do my best to walk each night and take Sunday's off.  Set a goal and stick to it!

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