Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Looking for a Tornado Shelter

We have wanted a tornado shelter for awhile and hubby has been checking into it occasionally for a couple of years.  He said on a Friday night, "We need to make this a priority this year."  The next night a tornado hit our town.  Luckily, it was about 5 miles east of us and we didn't get any damage.  Many friends and their families lost their homes or they were damaged. The hunt for a tornado shelter became a priority.  First one to come to the house was American Tornado Masters.  He asked if we knew anything about tornado shelters and Jim said he had looked online and that I hadn't looked at any or any information on anyone.  We figured out about where we could put one underground and then came in the house for the "talk".  I was really impressed with the product and the salesman seemed to be seriously agitated that I didn't want to immediately buy the shelter RIGHT NOW.  He finally gave us the price, approximately $14K. I figured we would spend around $7K.  The salesman was pretty much insulted that I didn't want to spend the other $7K to save my life.  I told him that I never buy anything, especially a big ticket item unless I sleep on it and think about it.  I want to know that I made the right decision and will be happy with it...and I would feel good about it.  Not too long after that he said he had all his stuff together and could be out of our hair.  American Tornado Masters does not have any brochures to leave behind to help you make a decision or remind you of what they say.  He told us his quote would be good for 30 days...however, he didn't leave one here.  I don't know if all of their salesmen are like the one who came to our house.  He used high pressure sales and fear tactics to convince you to buy his product.  I liked the product, but no way would I buy from him.  He reminded us that a tornado hit south of us in Canton a week ago.  We had to tell him, "Yeah, we know, it also hit in our town."  He did not know that a tornado was here a few days ago.  He should have done his homework a bit better.  Another company is coming tomorrow.

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