Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good Intentions

Well here I am back again STARTING OVER on the blog. Maybe I will keep up with it this time. I read several blogs and enjoy them greatly, but lack on posting on my own. I read back through my old posts. Seems that I have re-appearing themes: post on blog more, work on my stuff (quilts/projects) more, learn EQ5 (no I haven't ever updated and 7 is out now), learn how to use the embroidery machine. Just to get up to date....lost weight and have mananged to keep most of it off. Not a huge amount, but at least it is down some. Need to start exercising more. Love to watch Biggest Loser, it is an inspiration. Took a class on how to use my serger. I taught myself as the ladies at the shop didn't know anything about my older model. I am not happy with some of the stitches, but I can at least now thread it and get a stitch. Had a garage sale and sold about only one big tub of lace (I had four or more). I am now intersted in crazy quilting as I had a class with Alice Wilhoit so I may set up an etsy shop or something and sell embellishments. I won an award at the state TEEA meeting in September...Leadership Award. It is for making a change in your community and being a leader. It is an honor to receive it. I teach beginning quilting at the local quilt shop. We had one move here and open up. I teach the basic classes and enjoy teaching beginners. The only problem - it is on Saturday's so I don't get them free anymore. Will have to come up with a solution to change that. I will figure out the picture post today. I think that will get me to post more on the blog. Lots of ideas filling my head for the blog. Maybe I will keep it up. Off to rule in my world...aka, going out to quilt in the studio.

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