Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Got a Ribbon!

I went to the Jefferson Quilt Show today.  And I was pleasantly surprised.  I received a 2nd place ribbon on my quilt.

Jim and I enjoyed the day in Jefferson.  The temperature warmed up to 70.  That made it pleasant for walking thru town.  We went thru a few antique shops.  I got several ideas for decorating at the house.  I told Jim we needed to just completely empty a room and set it back up with what we really want from what we have and then go shopping.  So many things we find that we like, our response is always, we don't have any room to put it in the house.  I seriously need an interior design helper.
I don't think I ever put up a picture of one of the quilt kits I cut out for the cruise.  Here is my selection of fabrics for one of the quilts.  Everyone who purchased a  kit will be making their's blue.  I decided to go red and I also will be making larger quilt blocks.

I am almost through cutting the second quilt kit.  It is a scrap quilt.  I will have to post a picture of it after the cruise.  Speaking of the cuise, Jim and I have been trying to figure out what excursions to take.  He wants to go sknorkeling.  I told him I would go do that.  I also know I want to go shopping in Cozumel.  Now to get some rest to make it at work this week.  It should be very busy.  Many people will be in the tax office to pay their taxes.

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