Sunday, May 26, 2013

I'm Getting a Kitchen Island

I'm finally getting a kitchen island.  I found a really old china hutch that was made around here I think in the 1920's from what the guy told me about it.  It is in really rough shape.  When we brought it home a couple of months ago, we stored it in my quilting studio. With this being a long weekend, we took an extra day off in hopes that we can get several things done.  We moved the base outside to start working.  It is solid wood and very heavy.  We removed all the drawers so that it would be lighter to move.  I forgot to stick the drawers back in and get a good before picture.  Jim stood it on end for me to start stripping.  We only need to do the two sides and the front.  So here are a few pics.
Here is Jim working on the back.
 This is what the drawers look like.  The drawer pulls are really old and rusted and literally falling apart.
 This is what the front looks like. The two small drawers are divided on the inside.  There is a pull out board in the center that I am going to treat just like a butcher block so that it can be useable.  That is unless I come up with something else to do with it.  I still want to turn one of the drawers into a wine rack.
The plans are to paint it a dark red and I want to antique it.  On the back we are putting bead board.  It is as tall as a table right now, but we are going to have one side extend out for a bar.  So, we need to increase the height.  We are adding 1 x 4's across the bottom to put big bunn feet on. I ordered the counter top yesterday.  We should have it in about three weeks. Can't believe it takes that long.  I also got the brackets to attach and support the extended counter top. 

I got started stripping and even though we got chemical resistant gloves, it was eating through right fast.  So I went to the nearest hardware store to get a heavy duty chemical glove.  Found them and got started again.  The varnish is a bit stubborn coming off.  I expected that.  We are going be sanding so Jim says no problem.  It looked like rain and we were feeling a little mist, so we had to haul it all back inside and quit for the night much earlier than what I wanted.  But that gave Jim time to get the fertilzer on the ground.  As it always goes, since we moved it inside, the rain did not come.  However, it is sprinkling this morning so now we don't have to water the yard.  The pool is now open, so hopefully it will warm up today and I can go for a swim.

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