Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Truck Had Kittens

Matt borrowed the truck and they heard a noise.  They tracked it down to find about 6 kittens under the tool box in the corner of the bed of the truck.  That was on the hottest day so far, Thursday.  I bought some cat food and left that and some water out for the mom.  She is completely wild.  I knew a cat was around here about a month or so ago, but I haven't seen her or heard her in a while.  I know the kittens were in truck this morning, but when I went to leave food and water this afternoon (before the rain), she had moved them.  I don't know where.  I may never see them again.  I plan to leave food out in the same place as long as she comes to get it.  I know she needs the extra nutrition to nourish the kittens.
Looks like that kitten has quite the markings.  Looks almost like a pug dog.  Maybe I can find them and get them tame...then to find homes.
I have been working on one of the quilts from the cruise.  Got a lot put together this past week.  It is going together fairly fast.
I did a test of a four block layout to decide how I wanted to place the lights and mediums.  I decided to go with completely scrappy.They are almost all put together.

We had some rain today and it helped to cool down the temps a bit.  Which is VERY good as our A/C has decided to not work properly.  So we have had it off all day.  Need to get the A/C guy out here on Monday.  I had the plumber here last week to work on fixing the septic line.  It was sticking too far out of the ground had been run over a couple of times with the mower and I think a piece fell back in the line and was clogging it.  Hopefully, I will not get a third thing that needs to be fixed.  They always seem to go in three's.
Have a great day.  Tomorrow is Father's Day.  I may go visit my dad.  I will have to see how tomorrow shapes up.

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