Thursday, December 3, 2015

Change is Good, Right?

I have a new computer and I am playing on it.  I'm now on Windows 10.  I know several do not like the Window's 10, but so far I can't complain.  I don't know it, but I am learning.  Also I am giving Microsoft Edge a try.  I think there are some improvements...just need to play around a bit and experience it.  I always feel that people need to give new things a try; although, I am not much for change.  I usually dig my heels in.  I still quilt, but I have to fit it in on my schedule.  I am taking a break from doing much machine quilting and spending it on working on the house.  We are remodeling and trying to update and fix the house.  So far the house has been leveled and windows ordered.  The windows are now ready and will be installed in a few da'.s.  I have ordered my new stove and talked to the plumber and cabinet builder.  The cabinet guy will come this weekend and we will go over details and get it all settled down so he can begin doing his thing.  Things are changing and fast.  Can't believe the year and flown by so fast and will be gone in less than 5 weeks. Keep stitchin.

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