Saturday, December 5, 2015

We have Sausage!!

Jim got a deer last weekend.  We have kept it on ice all week.  Since Thursday night, we have been planning on processing it.  Thursday, I was to get some fat back to use.  The meat market had given it all away earlier, so I bought pork butt.  We were too tired to do it and wanted fat back.  So, I went to the market Friday after I got off of work...he had just finished cleaning up for the day and threw it all away in the dumpster.  By now, he knew I was really wanting some fat back, so he said he would keep it for me the next day. I picked it up and we got started late afternoon on Saturday.  It took 3-4 hours, but so far we have put up 12 pounds of breakfast sausage.  We are still fairly new at processing our own deer, so we looked for some new recipes.  Last year we used the one that came with our meat grinder.  We found two different ones to try this year.  One has ginger and nutmeg in it.  I was not sure about that, but we cooked some and ate it.  Sure is good.  The other recipe has sage and garlic in it along with lots of pepper; crushed red, cayenne, and black.  We labeled the packages as #1 or #2 to know which we are eating. We are tired!!  Jim doesn't feel well either.  We still have several pounds of meat left in refrigerator to do tomorrow.  We are just going to grind up and add some fat back. We love venison burgers! We also took the backstrap and made stew meat for shishkabobs.  We marinate it overnight with the McCormick's Backyard Tea Brew and it is tender and full of flavor.  I am now tired and taking it easy to prepare for a busy day tomorrow.

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