Saturday, March 29, 2008


I have been loading a quilt for a customer. It is a king size nine patch for her son. She always wants a pantograph so I am going to do interlocking falling leaves. I try to do a different pantograph on each of her quilts so that they are not duplicated. I have a quilt of mine that I want to do. I have decided to do baptist fans on it, so I ordered the pantograph. I don't have the worktable from Gammill, so I need the pantograph to get it done as easily as possible. My quilt is a maple leaf in fall colors. I didn't follow the pattern (didn't read it through and mis-cut the pieces) so I have had to design the quilt as I go. I finished it with a braided border and am very pleased with the finished quilt. Will upload a picture when it is finished quilting with the supposed pattern and my pattern.

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