Monday, November 8, 2010


The trip to Houston was great! We went to the show on Friday. I only bought some things for making a crazy quilt. The turtle quilt was displayed so nicely. I walked around a corner and there it was, center on the wall (the largest on wall) with spotlights on it. The tourquoise color "popped" out and the quilting looked really good. There is gold metallic in the fabric for the turtles and the light made them sparkle. A kind lady took a picture of me and Laurie in front of the quilt.

We did so much sewing on Saturday. Her daughter is expecting her second baby (looks like anytime now, the baby has dropped and she is dilating). I had so much fun sewing baby items. Laurie bought robes and other items at the goodwill store and we cut them up to make diaper pads, diaper covers, and pants. I have a HUGE supply of lace, so everything we could put lace on, we did! I have all boys, so no lace there. I also took my serger and had some "bonding" time with it. Here is a picure of Laurie doing some cutting:

And finally, here is my first post on Design Wall Monday:

I purchased a kit to finish it. It is a Santa Stick. I am not using the fusible interfacing to lay it out, just cutting the squares and sewing them together. I don't know if the fusible would be easier or not. Keep an eye out for the final result.


  1. Sounds like such a fun trip. One of these years I need to make my pilgrimage to the Houston show.

  2. the santa is looking good. I've never used the fusible interfacing but here it works well.

  3. Glad you had a good time in Houston -- I'd like to go some year! Can't wait to see the finished product on your Santa! :)