Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year! Welcome 2011

A new year begins. I don't really DO resolutions, but here they are anyway. First there are the standards: get organized, lose weight by eating healthy and exercising. Then the carryovers from last year (I poop out after awhile and don't get all my resolutions completed): learn to use the embroidery machine, and EQ5. I did take a class on sergers and learned several new things, but I didn't keep using the serger so I sorta forgot some things. But, I have a good book or two and I do use it for clothing construction. I bought 30+ yards of fabric from my favorite online store Thousands of Bolts and must SEW, SEW, SEW! Here is my fabric purchase:

Don't you just love it. New fabric! I love fabric. Will happily put it on my shelf where I can see it so that I can use it. I love looking at all the pieces of fabric...the colors, patterns, prints. Oh what JOY!

The guys are out shooting fireworks right now. The dog is hiding under the computer desk. I am inside where it is warm...dreaming of what I am going to so this weekend with 3 days off from work. Have a Happy and Safe New Year's Day.

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