Sunday, January 2, 2011


I love Sunday's. They are meant to relax and enjoy. We go to church every Sunday. Rarely miss one. Yes, I don't always want to go, but once I am there, I am blessed by someone, a song, the sermon, or something. Then I am so glad I went. Today, started as one of those days. I havc tommorrow off, so I just wanted to stay home and sew all day, and it is cold outside. I don't do cold too well. But after there, I was so glad I went. I enjoyed the sermon, Salt of the Earth and it gave me a renewed perspective of what I should be as a Christian. Now at home, I am listening to one of my many CD's (contempary Christian) and just happy as can be. I found the layout for the I Believe quilt and rearranged the blocks on the designwall. I have two blocks to applique, two fillers to applique, and two blocks that need some embroidery on them. After looking at them, a few more might get some embroidery to give them a more finished look.

Tommorrow I am going to a friends house to sew. I plan on getting there around 9:30 and spending most of the day. Wonder what all I will get accomplished???

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