Monday, January 10, 2011


It snowed yesterday and just a wee bit this morning.  We got at least 4" of snow.

 The office is closed!  The snow is still soft as it is just now getting above freezing at noon. We never got the rain on top of the snow so that did not freeze overnight. I have spent the morning working on my UFO.  I finished the angel block.

Two fillers, and one block to go. I might get it done this month.  I hope so.  I have been working on this since probably at least 2002.  I thought it was only about 5 years old, but the date on the pattern is 1998 and I probably started a few years after it was out.  It is a hand-me-down pattern from my SIL.  This afternoon I will work on the Civil War blocks from Barbara Brackman.  Have a good afternoon and stay WARM!


  1. Enjoy your snow day. Your angel is super cute.

  2. Doesn't it feel great to make progress on such an old UFO?!?

  3. cute angel blocks-enjoy the snow day!

  4. Thanks for the comments. I had a great snow day! I feel like I got so much accomplished. But because it is so cold, I haven't been in my studio for days. It takes so long for it to warm up and the lights don't like the cold either. I am motivated to get this quilt done. Judy did a good thing with the challenge!