Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's Hot Out There!!

I think that by now we have tied or surpassed the number of days reaching 100+ back to back.  One day last week, I think they were saying it was at 14 days.  The weatherman is comparing this year to 1983.  This year, Superman decided he wanted to get a swimming pool.  We had one in Irving and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I know that it would be used by us, even if it ever gets to just the two of us.  And with the temps here in East Texas, a swimming pool is what we dream about.  Last we heard, it should be delivered tommorrow.  We have cleared the top soil where it is going to be placed.  The installer is to begin on Monday.  Then our problem will be to get water in the pool.  Restrictions have not been placed yet, but it is expected any day now.  This is a large pool and will take a lot of water.  I have asked the fire department to come fill it and I will pay them.  I have not heard from them yet to see if they will do that.  That is the best way for us to get it filled.  I don't think the water company will be happy if I fill it with my water hose.  Sorry, no pics for today.  I will take some or download some I have taken and talk about them.  That is whay usually keeps me from posting.  I have to go locate the cords, etc to get the job done.

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