Friday, December 21, 2012

Windy Day

The wind has been bad and strong for a couple of days now.  It blew in a cold front.  We didn't get much rain, but the cars all have a lot of dirt on them.  I have not seen a rain so dirty in a long time.  Someone said there must of been a lot of West Texas dirt in it.  I still need to get to the car wash.  The bad news is the wind destroyed the top of my gazebo.  It all happened in the matter of a few minutes.  Once it started ripping, there was nothing we could do but pick it up from the ground.

I save almost everything, so I will find the parts book and order a new top for the gazebo.  I just hope it doesn't cost as much as the gazebo did.  Jim bought it for my birthday several years ago and he got it on sale.

I have managed to get some cooking done.  I have madeChristms Sandies and Ginger Cookies (both recipes are from Better Homes and Garden website).  I also made some fudge.

I have more cooking I want to get done before Sunday.  I finally started wrapping gifts.  I forgot that last year I discarded several of the boxes I save year from year.  So before I can do more wrapping, I have to go get some boxes.  I also need to get some gift tags.  It has been several years since I have had to buy either.  For some reason, I did not buy them at the end of the season last year.  So unfortunately I am going to have to pay full price for them this year.  Oh, well.

It will be a short day at work today.  The office is closing at 1:00 pm. I will finish wrapping today and get going back on the quilt I am making.  Jim wants to go to Greenville today to replace the chainsaw we bought earlier in the year.  It doesn't work.  This is the second one we have tried.  I need to find the sales receipt and the extra insurance we got.  We have started buying the extra insurance when we make purchases because it pays for itself if you ever have to use it.  So much better than...sorry your warranty period is up.  You only use the chainsaw maybe two time a year.  It has been more that 90 days since we last used it and now it won't work.  I'm not positive, but this might have even been the first time to use it.

Hope everyone has a blessed Christmas in case I don't get back until after then.  Enjoy the season and take time to remember the reason.

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