Monday, December 10, 2012

The Roller Coaster

The roller coasster is in full swing for the Christmas ride.  I am enjoying this Christmas more than some in the past.  I have more done at this point so I get to enjoy the season.  I am LOVING it.  We finished putting up the lights yesterday (before the cold front hit, YEA).  I am sitting in my room with the heater on this morning, how nice.  The wind is blowing outside, and I am toasty inside.  Good.

Here are our deer.  You can see the tree in the window.  Our buck lost his lights, and we are going to restring him like we had to do one of the does.  Jim was surprised it took two boxes to do.  I finished a customer quilt this weekend.  It is the last one I have to do before Christmas, so no I can work on my stuff.  I got a quilt started this weekend.  It should go pretty fast.  It is a jelly roll pattern.  I sewed all the strips and have started cutting them into sections.  I had to run to Walmart to get what the pattern is calling background fabric.  Jim was like, "With all the fabric you have, you don't have anything to use?"  No, I buy in 1 yard incriments and I need 1 1/8  yard.

 I don't have to be anywhere this week after work, so I can work on my quilt.  I have 3 4 quilts going.  If I think too long, I will come up with more.  I think I will do what Judy @ Patchwork Times does and make a list of unfinished projects and finish one  a month.  I work best with lists and it helps to see what needs to be done and get to cross off what is finished.  It's off to work I go, have a blessed day.

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