Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Great Day

I had a wonderful day yesterday. I was off from work for MLK day (funny story to follow later). I have three main goals for this year: learn to use my embroidery/sewing machine, learn to use my computerized serger, and learn to use EQ5. This will be a year of learning and probably frustrations. I need a new purse. Mine is out of season and starting to show a little wear. I looked around my room and found a pattern that I had bought and the handles. It is made from scraps and recycled jeans. I decided that will be a perfect project for learning to use the sewing machine. The purse will have a "western theme". I found a horse that I want to embroider on one of the pockets. The purse is done in a crazy patch style. So I had a friend come over to help me. She has the same brand machine. We could spend some time together and my learning curve could be reduced. Set up the embroidery, had all my threads sitting on the spool holder ready to go. It started sewing...just over 5,000 stitches in black. Man, is that a lot. Finally we got to a color change request (even had to put in a new bobbin). I wondered, "Why is it stitching so much of the horse in black?". First color change request said it was color change 12!! What happened to all the others?? The horse was stiched totally in black. Not what I planned. So I have another pocket to do to get it the right colors that I want. I don't know how we "re-programmed" the colors.

So it is MLK day yesterday. I thought it was Veterans Day. I put a sign up on the front door at work "Closed for Veterans Day" on Monday or Tuesday last week. Thursday night I noticed that someone had taken it down. Now, I taped it up pretty good. It sometimes gets windy and we have NEVER lost a sign before. So Friday I put another up...Closed for Veterans Day. Monday afternoon at 5:00 pm Superman and I were watching TV. All the innaguration stuff and MLK stuff. Yeah, I know it is all tied together...I have a dream and all. Superman says, "You know what today was don't you?" "Sure I do, Veterans Day." It's not Veterans Day, its MLK day! Now I know why someone took my sign. But I saw where Bush and Chaney started the day at the unkown soldier tomb yesterday. So why were they there if not for Veteran's Day! Live and Learn.

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