Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Look Not Working

I got the new glasses. I like how they look ON me, but not how I can see. I was told there would be an adjustment for a few days. It has been almost a week. I do fine at home, but when I get to work and throw in the computer and that I am always looking away and then down, I get the headaches from eye strain. The vision is a bit blurry. I have to place the monitor on my desk almost a yard away to see it, but then, I am so far away from the phone, calculator, keyboard and desktop. So then, I move closer to use/see those things and then I can't see the computer again. I think I am going to have to go back in and have them check me again. I have bifocals and have had them for many years. That is not the problem. I wonder if I need to go to trifocals. I don't want to, nor can I have two pair of glasses. I need to see up close often and would constantly be putting on and switching glasses. NOT FUN!

Anyway, this makes the days at work seem extra long. I am soooo tired when I get home at the end of the day. I also noticed today that it was starting to affect how I was acting in response to people. I can't have that. I am a tax collector at the appraisal office and people already aren't happy. I have to smile and be smile wasn't there today.

So I came home, we got Subway for supper. Yeah! cooking tonight. Then I took a hot bath, had a glass of wine and unwound. I am much better now.

Got some things done today. Needed to order my "baby's" graduation stuff. I have never gotten a package from the school (he either hasn't gotten it, lost it, or just doesn't care). I did receive a postcard from the company, so I got online tonight and it is now ordered!!

Tomorrow should be a nice day. The temperature is supposed to be up around 80. I like that. I will have to open the house to "air out". Then during the night, Superman and WOW child and WOW child's friend are going coyote hunting. We have had a problem with them killing my chickens. I haven't had any attacks for a week now, but they all go to the coop and get locked up each night. I also wait until daylight to let them out each day. I heard that there is a bounty on them. It is either $25 or $50 per coyote. They must be having a big problem in our small county with them. Then the next cold front comes in during the night. Oh well! It is good quilting weather!

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