Monday, August 29, 2011

Design Floor (aka Staycation Day3)

I have a lot planned to do this week.  Here is what I plan on working on:

There are 3 flimsies:  Upper right is a mystery quilt that Bonnie Hunter had a couple of years ago.  I am just now getting to quilting it.  Bottom Center is a dresdan plate wall hanging and  upper left is also a wall hanging, I call it Magic Star Flowers.  Then there are three more projects, stitch down the binding on some fall placemats, add an appliqued border to the churn dash on top and finish the blocks for the button flowers.  I have many more, but these are the ones I thought I would concentrate on this week. 

We at breakfast at the local dinner and now Superman is working on replacing the faucets outside.  It is cloudy and drizzing today.  It is still expected to get over 100, but right now it is quite nice outside.

Saturday, college boy and his girlfriend came over (to do  laundry) and swam.  We cooked steaks and veggies on the grill.

I know that is not the best photo, but it is all I have.

Yesterday I finished a baby quilt for the music minister and his wife.  This is their 4th child and is to be a boy.  They will have two boys and two girls.  A very nice young family.
Now to get back to work and get that quilt loaded and quilted.  Have a great sew day! 

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  1. Great plan for the week. How's it going? I do great planning but so far have not accomplished anything. Gotta get off this computer and get sewing.