Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday (aka Staycation Day 5)

Yesterday I finished quilting my mystery quilt.  The binding has been stitched on three sides so far.  I may finish it tonight.  I haven't come out  to my room today.  I watched TV and swam a bit.  I did my hand stitching while watching TV.  I have the fall placements finished and on the table.  I made some more Hello Dollies and am doing my best not to grab one everytime I walk past them.  Grabbed a cup of coffee and now will do some machine stitching.  I am ready for some time at the machine.  I also have to piece the backing for the Magic Star Flower wallhanging.

Jim got the faucet replaced and while we were in the pool, he jumps out saying "We have a water leak!" I look over and see water shooting in the air.  It blew the faucet head completely off.  Luckily, we were outside and saw it when it happenend.  It has been fixed and the other one checked to make sure that it is okay.  Now for some sewing.

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