Monday, October 22, 2012

Quilt Show

Here are the pictures from the quilt show in Canton.  I only took pictures of the quilts I liked, but added in a few that are good eye candy and would appeal to others also.  There was probably 80 quilts and several blocks that they made in their challenge.  I wonder what they do with those blocks, do they become next years quilt to sell tickets for???

Cute puppies and kittens.
Great dimensional flowers were filling baskets in this quilt.  Close up and then the quilt.

A local friend did the next two.  She does great applique.

I think this is a great setting for embroidery blocks.  I also loved the blocks.  Great detail in the blocks.

My favorites since I am partial to Boy Scouts.  Is that a girl?? peeking out from the tent??

I haven't looked yet to see if the whole quilt is in Kim Diehl's book, or just the center.  I also like to piece blocks that have several pieced to them like what is in the borders.  The quilter also did an outstanding job.

This is all that would fit on this post.  Will do another.


  1. thanks for the virtual quilt show. some really great ones in the show.

  2. Thanks for sharing - my fav is number 4: that beautiful aplliqued cat!