Saturday, October 27, 2012


Once again it is the weekend.  But, this weekend I don't have a customer quilt to do.  So that means I get to work on other clean house (which needs it desperately).  I am going to MIL's in a couple of weeks for a garage sale.  I need to finish cleaning out a few closets and get things gathered up and priced to take to Waco.  Next weekend will be the Quilt Show in Houston.  I also can do some fall decorating this weekend.  Fall is my favorite time of year, and I haven't put anything out yet.  It is almost winter.  It is in the 30's here this morning.  The new heater will be on today.  I have already had to turn it down and it is sweating me out of the room.  I think it will be different when I am over at the sewing machine.  Here is the last quilt I finished.  It is almost a king size. 
I don't think the quilting shows up to well.   It has lots of feathers.  Husband and I both liked it and thought it would be a good all the time bed quilt.  Nice pattern for that.  Colors are not necessary ours, but could change that.  Well off to start working on house.  That way I can spend some time today appliqueing on my quilt.  Think I will just do my machine so it gets done.  Have a good day!


  1. Winter officially knocked on my door yesterday morning... - woke up to snow. What happened to Fall? :(

    1. I do not do well in the cold. I do like to have some snow, hope it leaves soon after arriving. In Texas, we are not so used to driving in snow/ice. I've heard they are predicting a cold/wet winter. The cold makes me ready to start putting out my Christmas decorations.