Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day

Today is a holiday for my office so I get to stay home.  It's seems like forever since I posted.  I hope to "sail" thru the quilt that is one the frame today.  My boss made what she calls a calendar quilt.  I think it is basically a block of the month.  I have the quilting ideas in my head, so it should go fairly quick.  This is the last quilt I have here that is belongs to another person.  Then it will be on to my quilts.  Yahoo!

It is very chilly here this monrning.   I know that the temps are not that cold, but when you were in the eighties and to drop down fast, it seems cold.  I finally lit the pilot on my "new to me" Dearborn heater.  I I going to love it.  It heated my room  right up in no time and I was sweating big time.  I wonder if I purchased too big of a heater.  I got what the guy selling them told me I needed for the size of the room.  I have a feeling I will be leaving the door open and helping to heat the house.  Anyway, I will stay toasty warm.  This will be the first winter I should be able to work in my studio despite the cold.  I am looking forward to it.  I come out here almost every mornning anyway and sit in my chair and drink my coffe, type of the laptop, listen to the radio, and/or read my bible.  I love it. 

I am still organizing the room, but it is getting there.  Waiting for the garage sell at my sister in law's house to finish emptying the room.  There is a pile of items for the sell.  I don't think that it will  all fit in the car to get there.  May need to make more than one trip.  Here's to sailing thru the quilt to get to start working in my civil  war blocks again.  Have a wonderful SEW SEW day.

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