Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Catching Up

It's been awhile since I last posted.  I have been busy and got out of a morning routine.  Now to get back to the routine, maybe add something new also.  Thanksgiving was great.  I actually did not work myself to death this year.  I had more time to relax and enjoy the company.  My oldest son helped with some things the day before and that really made a big difference.

I found a new secret.  On Black Friday, I skipped the mainstream shopping.  I don't like fighting all the crowds.  I scheduled my mammogram instead.  There was no waiting (actually they called me many hours before my appointment that morning and told me to come in anytime, the day was open.  They were waiting for me!) and I was in and out in probably 30 minutes.  I think I may do this every year that I am in town for Thanksgiving.

I have been working on a friend's quilt.  Will post pictures later this week when I finish quilting it.  It was a round robin.  She made the center and then it was passed to four other people and they added a border.  I am always surprised how they turn out.  Our quilt show this year will feature the round robins that were done so that the community can enjoy them.

I have started some of my Christmas shopping.  Two people are already off of the list.  And I have started doing some baking.  Our family favorite is Christmas Sandies.  There are no nuts in the sandy, it is crasins and lemon zest.  So tasty!  Today there is a holiday bazaar that our extension office is putting on and several ladies in the area also do demonstrations.  I did not come up with something to do this year.  This is the first year I have not done a demo.  But, I will be there to support the group. 

Got a new camera, so I will be learning how to use and get great photos.  I signed up for a class at Craftsy.com.  It is mainly for learning to get great product photos, like quilting details for my blog and files.  Well it is time to get ready for work, so have a great day.  Keeping my fingers crossed hoping that I won the Slice kit from slice.com.  I wanted one BAD and the price was really good for a black friday special, but I decided that I could win (the chances are 1 in 64) or continue to cut the pieces manually as I have in the past.  If I don't win, I will keep an eye out for a special in the future.  Have a great day!

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