Thursday, September 8, 2011

County Fair Time

It is county fair season.  I have been helping to take in entries for our SMALL county fair this week.  Today, the judges come and I will work with them and begin setting up the quilts for display.  I am sad that there was not many entries this year in the fair.  Seems like it just keeps going down in number of entries.  I have been working the fair for almost 10 years and last year it looked like it was going up, but this is the least amount I have ever seen here.  I usually get around 50-60 quilted items, this year maybe 25.

I took the day off as vacation so I could work with the judges and start getting set up.  I have a friends quilt to quilt and I need to measure it to see if I need to run out of town to get a king size bat.  Annie will go in to get her stitches out later.  She has been so energetic with the cooler weather we are now having.  It is in the 80's this week.  So nice!!, especially after all those 100+ days.  Still need rain.  As they said at church, "If your not praying for rain, what is wrong with you?"  Even the next system coming up the Gulf they are predicting will stay away from North Texas.  Last night (dog had to go out at midnight) I could see smoke in the sky and smell wood burning.  What worried me was that toward the West (Greenville) I could see an orange glow in the sky.  It was only in that area.  I can't think of any lights or anything that it could be, so I am hoping it wasn't a fire.  Need to get moving for the day.  Have a wonderful SEW day!


  1. I just love the way you work. Thanks for sharing this great and interesting stuff. Fabulous post! I really enjoyed that.

  2. It is really sad that there was not many entries this year in the fair.

  3. I am looking for a copy of Bettie Hammock's quilt pattern "Scrap Tease." I understand it is out of print. Do you know how I might contact her or where I might find & purchase this pattern?