Sunday, March 24, 2013

Is It Easter Yet?

I keep thinking today is Easter.  We have the cold weather that always seems to be there for the past several years.  It is spring, everything is blooming and being renewed.  We are doing the Easter program at chruch today.  It just seems that it is Easter.  But, I get another week...a short work week.  I am going to go to my sister's for Easter.  I did not get to visit with my family much for Christmas as we blew in with the snow and had to leave quickly to try to stay ahead of the winter storm.  It was a hard long drive back home.   This will probably be one of the first in a very long time that we haven't spent Easter with Jim's family.

I had a very good weekend so far.  Thursday night, our son called us to join him and his girlfriend for supper in Commerce.  Luigi's opened a restuarant there.  And boy, is it nice and fancy compared to the one in Quinlan...or any of the others around.  I thought we might be getting some news from them, but they just wanted to enjoy and evening with us.  They always have to work on the weekends when we go out to eat.  When we got back home, my oldest son called and said he would be in town and was checking we had Friday night open.  So he and his girlfriend came over and we spent the evening with them.  How nice.  Matthew had come over earlier in the week and spent time visiting.  How nice, they all finally come home to visit (not to live).  It was really nice.

It is coming along on quilting the Piecemakers quilt.  I have all the flowers done in the open blocks.  I am going to keep the rest of the quilt simple.  I am doing what looks like wine glass quilting on the red patches and a cable in the border.  I may not get too much quilting done today, but I will do what I can.  I need to finish this week so I can concentrate on sewing whatever I want to make for the cruise. 

I have gone through my clothes and pulled out several outfits that I will be able to wear.  I have bought several pieces of jewelry this past week to go with some of my outfits.  I am keeping the thought back in my head that it will be warmer, but probably still a bit cool for me.  I really am happy and okay with 95 and above.    Anything below 90 and I will eihter wear 3/4 sleeves or a jacket.  Plus we will be in air conditioning (I am hoping it will be all working).  I also still have one qult kit to cut out.  It is close enough we are starting to get REALLY excited about going!

I am reading my camera booklet so I can figure out how to use several of the settings.  I need to print it out instead of reading it online.  That way I can also take it with me if I need to remember how to set something up.  I don't have too many things I want to take pictures of in the house to practice, but I guess who cares.  I can delete them.  It's not like in the past, you would take it to the printer and pay to get the pictures to see what you did.

I am sure the neighbors sold their place.  Their title company was still calling us the day of the closing to get some things.  Since we provided them, I would think that if that was all they needed before closing, they should have closed.  It is sad to see them go as they are good neighbors to have, but will be interesting to see who moves in.  I don't think they are from around here (as living here now, could have been in the past and returning back to home area) as the company they were working with is from Dallas not here.  I think they will move out/in while we are gone on the cruise.  There was a truck lurking around the end of a driveway they day they were to close that I did not recognize.  No one else would have a reason to "stare" at the vacant land.  You can't see the house from the highway and they were on the driveway to the house.

Just some other short notes:  Contacts are still working out okay.  For some reason, I have to usually work at getting the right one to "get in".  Weight loss is still going good. I am not going to lose 30 pounds before the cruise, but I may lose 20.  I am close to that.  I am going to the doctor before we leave to see if my medications need to be adjusted due to the walking.  I may have to move that date up, I have been just a bit light headed this weekend and that is the only reason I can think of that would cause it.  One last note....I got a HUGE raise at work.  So nice.  It has been 2-3 years since the last one and it may be a few more years until the next.  Jim and I are very happy with the increase. 

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