Saturday, March 16, 2013

National Quilt Day

I didn't quilt all day long as I planned to do, but I enjoyed the day.  I made biscuits for breakfast.  Always love to have homemade biscuits (makes me think of Grandma).  She always kept yeast biscuits in the refrig and baked them every morning when I was there.  The things Grandma's do.  Then I went out shopping at the thrift stores.  I got a jumper, skirt and three tops at one stop.  Then I went for a pedicure.  I had a "deluxe" and chose lemon grass.  It was wonderful.  My feet feel and look great right now...even hours after.  On the way home, I went to another shop and found a pair of jean capris, a lace top, and purse.  I spotted some items I went back for later in the day; a black jacket, and an orange crystal bracelet.  Once there and I found two more necklaces.  Feel like I found some great bargins today.  Tommorrow a friend who makes jewelry is having a show.  I have several of her pieces and enjoy wearing them very much.  I feel very comfortable in them.  They are not super flashy and reflect my personality and style.  Who knows what I will get tommorrow.  I did get a quilt loaded.  But in honor of quilting are a few pics from the Dallas Quilt Show.

This was the Best of Show.  Simply Amazing!

This quilt won first place in the category I was in.
A beautiful peacock.  There are some feathers that are 3-D.

I love the Pine Trees.  A quilt on my list to do.

This was a quilt in the show theme category.  The quilting
is absolutely fantastic, especially on the yellow cake.

The dinosauer quilts were different.  The quiltmaker was there when I was
looking at them.  She looked young in early 20's.  Very amazing work.

I really enjoyed the quilt show and enjoyed looking back on the pictures I took and zomming in to check out the quilting.  Very inspiring.  And here is a quilt that I delivered a week ago.  Front and back.  You can't see the quilting in the camera too well, I used invisible thread.

I spent about 25-30 hours quilting this.  I made a paisley to fit the peacocks.  I worked hard on this one, but I enjoyed it and was glad to get it finished.  Now I am working on this year's donation quilt for the Piecemakers.

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