Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

It has been awhile since I actually posted this on a Wednesday (or even posted).  The last post was one month ago.  There have been some changes since then...I got sick and got out of the habit of walking daily (it shows in the results).  I also had to readjust my eating because I ate too many "comfort" foods...and I bought some new walking shoes.  First the food and the lack of consistant exercise...if you stop, just start again.  Buckle down and do it!  I feel like I am back on track.  The new shoes...what a difference!  Because of how they are shaped they also make me walk a certain way.  It is like my foot rolls to the toes.  This is closer to how you are supposed to walk.  Can I ever feel it in my legs!  After just a few minutes of walking, I am ready to quit.  I keep hanging in there.  If the people on Biggest Loser can, so can I.  I am not pukeing, and I can do it!  Here are my results:  Weight, 183; Bust Top, 43.5; Bust Under, 35.25; Waist, 37.5; Hip, 44.25; Thigh, 24.25.  There was no change in the hip or thigh, but every where else.  Since the first of the year I have lost 13 pounds!  When you watch Biggest Loser, you think that is not great.  But, I am taking it off slowly, so I have a better chance of keeping it off and it is healthier that way.  I also have other things in the house to eat and my kitchen has not been "cleaned" out.  I did do better at the store last night.  Jim probably thinks I did not buy anything, but I got foods that are heathier for bread.  And, unlike Biggest Loser, I don't exercise ALL DAY LONG.  They don't really have anything else to do.  I am going to schedule a doctor visit later this month to have him check my progress and see if any of my medications need to be adjusted.  There is a lot of things I want to write, but I need to get ready for work.  Until later.

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