Wednesday, November 7, 2012

25 Years

Today is my 25th wedding anniversary.  Never thought that I would make it (back in the beginning).  Not that we had trouble, but it is a long time.  Jim and I are very happy.  We barely ever have disagreement.  We learned a long time ago to compromise.  He also made me work on communication.  If a couple doesn't talk to each other about what bothers them, it can never be fixed or changed.  We had ground rules we set for us.  I think that cut down on problems that might normally arise.  I can't imagine my life without him.  He supports me in ALL that I do and I know that he loves me deeply.  And most important, we have God in our relationship.  He guides us, protects us, and provides for us.

Elections are over and the President will stay for another 4 years.  I guess life will continue as it has been.  Enough said.

This week is full of funerals for me.  A co-workers father passed away and was laid to rest yesterday.  One of my quilting friends lost her husband and he will be put to rest tomorrow.  The service yesterday was a good one.  He really spoke about heaven and hell.  There was not much crying at the funeral, instead we were laughing at times.  It was a celebration of his life.  Make sure you have your eternity sealed up because heaven and hell both exist.

Have a great day.  I am going to dinner at a great local resturant tonight and have a first rate chef prepared dinner.  Jim and I have been licking our lips for days waiting in anticipation.  We made reservations 2 weeks ago.

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