Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Do Your Duty

Today is election day.  I did early voting a week ago.  If you are a registered voter, please make sure you have cast your vote.  If you are not a registered voter, shame on you.  I feel strongly about voting.  It is a duty, right, and gift to be able to vote.  Not all countries get to vote, they just have whatever is in place for leadership and that effects how you live.  I do believe that our soldiers help to protect our right to vote, even if they are fighting a war in another country.  Our country is set up so that we can vote and give our input to the law making decisions.  I also believe it is a gift.  God placed you in the family and country that you were born.  It has affected how you live, how you were raised, your thoughts and actions. You could have easily been born in another family in another country.  I know not everyone will accept that belief.  But I feel blessed!

Today is a sad day at my office.   A co-workers father passed away and his funeral is today.  She has had it hard for the past year.  She lost her mother earlier in the year.  It was a surprise that her health began deteriating as fast as it did because her father had more issues going on.  For about a month, she had one parent in the hospital in Tyler and the other about 60 miles (which was 30 miles from us) from there.  She was in the middle.  She would have to go back and forth between the two cities and try to keep up with the care each was getting.  For the past two months she and her brother have been the care givers and split up the time to stay in the house to keep a watch on him becuase there was not a full-time hospice nurse (he wasn't to that stage).  During the past year she has had her first grandchild born and another daughter get married.  It has been quite a year for her.

Also, a friend has lost her husband.  I think they were married for almost 50 years.  His cancer returned unexpectedly and spread quite fast.  They found out the cancer was back first part of September.  The good new is both men were Christians and they are in heaven with no more suffering and visiting loved ones.  Their loved ones here will see them again another time.

Tonight after work, I have to start gathering for the garage sale.  I may even start loading the car so I can see how much room I have left to stuff things in.  I am going to Waco this weekend for the sale.  Have a good day.

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