Monday, November 5, 2012


Boy!  What a trip.  I left on Friday after work so we could spend Saturday at the show.  I have always worried about going on a Saturday, that it would be too crowded.  It was magnificent.  No traffic...on the road or at the show.  We did not have to stand in line to buy a ticket to get in.  We were not cramped shoulder to shoulder.  This allowed us to actually get in the booths and shop.  You had more of a chance to talk to the vendors, especially the ones doing the demos.  There wasn't a crowd you were competing with the be heard and they wanted to sell.  The only downside was that several things were already sold out.  But hey, there is shipping!  My big purchase was Pearl P's Autum Harvest Baltimore quilt. I will be working in this for probably a decade.
The blocks are so cute.  They have pumpkins, squirrels, crows, scarecrows and wheat.  Plus a few more things.  I bought IT ALL...the show stopper special.  The kit, the applique tool kit, and the special tool kit for applying the glue baste.   I would have purchased the thread too, but they were out.  I was with my sister in law and she was surpised I called my husband to get permission to purchase.  He had told me earlier in the year when I saw it on Keepsake Quilting that I could purchase it.  I wasn't sure about it because, it was fusible (already attached and cut out), and it was so expensive.  I know it will take me a long, long time to get it finished, but I will do it.  I think with having my sister in law working on it also, we will encourage each other.  The good thing is, I have it here and don't have to wait for it to be shipped monthly.

Now for some pictures:



I noticed something about my picture taking when I was updoading the images to the blog.  I am a quilter, so I generally focus on the quilting aspect of quilts.  That is why you see pics that are of the quilting and not of the entire quilt.  If I liked the quilt becuase I might want to make something like that or the block really apeals to me, I take a pic of the entire quilt and sometime a closeup of the blocks.  So that is why you do not see pics of the entire quilt in the following photos.  This is not all that I took, just what I posted to the blog.

Have a good day.  I've got to go to work.  I forgot to post about Jim's weekend.  He stayed home, it was opening weekend for deer season.  He got an eight-point buck.  So there will be meat in the freezer.  (We only kill what we will eat.) He was at the meat processor when I called him about the quilt.  He is very happy with himself.

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