Thursday, November 1, 2012


People are funny sometimes.  They don't mean to be, but different things they do are sometimes just funny.  I am sure I make people laugh at what I do (or don't do) at times.  I work in a tax office.  Becuase it is a public office, we are sometimes an information center.  We can tell people where most things/people are located in our county. Even though it is a small town, we still have to give directions to the office.  We use the huge hardware store next door as a landmark.  If you are coming from town...if you make it to Hooten's you went one driveway too far.  Coming from Greenville...we are the driveway right after Hooten's.  Hooten's is a family owned hardware store that has expanded so much it covers more than one acre and is almost as large as Home Depot.  An elderly lady poked her head in our office yesterday and asked if this was the hardware store.  We told her it was next door and she could not see it.  After she left we laughed so hard.  We have never been mistaken for the hardware store.  The library (which is next door on the same driveway) maybe.  They come in the office and ask if this is the library.  No, do you see any books?  Politely we redirect them next door to the building that has huge letters LIBRARY on the front.

Another day...people usually lay down their keys on the counter and sometimes leave them here.  I was talking to one man who had laid his keys down.  Then another comes in.  He waits while I finish up and the first man leaves.  The second man sees keys on the counter and thinking I laid down my keys, puts them in his pocket.  The first man returns looking to see if he left his keys.  Man #2 pulls two sets of keys from his pocket identical to each other.  He said I didn't remember putting down my keys and didn't want to leave them so I picked them up.  They had to hit to open button to see which set belong to who.  I have worked here 6 years and that has never happened before.

Hopefully, you are getting some sewing done.  Maybe I can tonight after work.

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