Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Rare Sight

You don't see walking sticks very often.  There aren't as many around as there used to be.  Also, because of how they look, they tend to blend in and are hidden from our view.  Walking out the back door, I saw a couple on the door frame, sort of busy.  Sorry i caught them "in the act", but you really don't see very many of them. Looks like there may be a few more in the future.

My dog Annie is full of curiosity.  While outside, she began to hunt, catch, and eat grasshoppers.  I used to have chickens that did that.  Now Annie is trying to do her share.  Here is my grasshopper catcher.
Another sight at the house is the Spider Lillies.  I love these flowers.  They come up in several places.  I have planted them in specific locations, but they will spring up where I didn't place them.  I think the gophers and moles help  with that.  I know it is fall when they are in bloom.  Every few years, I dig them up and seperate them so that I can spread them about.  I don't spend a lot of time out gardening, so when I plant something, it needs to come back again and again by itself.  I weed once or twice a year and water when I absolutely have to.  It is a surprise anything survives.  One photo of the spider lilies.

Have a great day.  I delivered a quilt to my 90 year old friend.  She was sitting at her sewing machine when I got to her house.  She is in a wheelchair now, but she still sews as much as she can.  She gets so much joy out of sewing.  I think her favorite pattern is the apple core.  I have started loading a lap quilt that another gave me to quilt the borders on.  It is a Harlely Davison panel.  She wants motorcycles in the border. 

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  1. I have some of those spider lilies. I think they are some of the prettiest flowers. It is nice that they bloom in the fall when not much is blooming.