Monday, September 24, 2012

Design Wall Monday

This is what I have done on the Barbara Brackman Civil War Quilt so far.  I am waaaay behind.  I have printed off all of the blocks in case it goes down.  I plan to buy the book when it comes out later this year even though I have the patterns.  I love the history on the blocks and just the way she writes.  I've planned to set it with a medallion center.  I didn't get too much done this weekend.  I have one block cut to sew and and I got one done.  I spent part of the weekend drawing a motorcyle image to quilt on the current quilt.  I could not find any quilting patterns with motorcyles.  If you know of one, please let me know. 

This week is revival at church, so not much will be going on.  I have tried to plan ahead and made a few meals for quick fixes when I get home from work.  The winner of my quilt guilds raffle quilt came by to pick it up.  We made over $1000 on this year's quilt.  That is more than double what we usually make. I think we are getting better at designing and  putting them together. 
It is a medallion style quilt.  It is a king size, so part of it is folded over.  What is folded over is a duplicate of what you can see on the bottom.  We really enjoyed making this quilt.
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  1. The raffle quilt is absolutely stunning, what a great project. Glad you made big bucks with it! And your Civil War quilt is just remarkable, good job!