Thursday, September 20, 2012

Around and Around

I'm going to tell on myself. At the county fair, Jim says, "Let's ride the Ferris Wheel."  Okay, I've never been on one before.   This will be good.  I can go up high and see all around, take some pictures (because I have the camera with me).  We got tickets, and waited in the slow moving line.  Darn, we didn't get on the last car, so we have to wait for the ride to stop and we will be in the first car on the next ride.  Ride finishes, we get in car, they let the stop down and it starts swinging slightly.  Hmmm, it will be okay, it is suppose to swing.  We go up one spot.  Swinging more.  Jim decides to stretch and the car goes when you are falling backwards in a chair.  NOT GOOD!  I clamp my hands on the bar and say, "this is not good, I don't like this".  With each move up it was worse.  Jim kept trying to calm me, but it wasn't working.  By the time we got to the top, I could hardly breathe, my eyes had not been open since about the 2nd or 3rd move, and I was crying.  I was doing real good not to be screaming.  I guess that was why I was hardly breathing.  The top was horrible!  Then we start the move forward to go down.  Finally, about 3 stops before the end, I had quit crying.  I told Jim it will probably be okay once we start moving.  He said, "No way, we are getting off!"  He began to get the attendants attention to let him know to let us off.  Then I was able to get off of the thing.  My hand felt like I hit it with a hammer the rest of the day it was so sore from hanging on so tight.  Even the next morning I kept do the breathing gasps for air and had a headache from all the adreneline.  No, Cindy does not ride Ferris Wheels.  Never again.  Actually, I never rode it.  I only loaded and got off.  That was an experience I (or Jim) will never forget.

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  1. riding the ferris wheel can be a little scary especially when it start rocking some.