Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fair Quilts

Here are just a small portion of quilts at the county fair. I did the best I could with the camera.  It is acting up.  I also am trying to learn how to set it for the best pics.  Some are blurry.  There were more gorgeous quilts, but I got busy talking to people and didn't get pics...then it was too late to.   This is heavily stitched and is just amazing.  Made by Sue Britt.
Mary Massey made this one.  It is very simple, but I love it.
This one says, "I love my dog". Made by Gretchen Phelps.

 Everyone stopped to stare at this one.  The colors are great and so was the quilting.  Sue Johnson has a wonderful quilter.
Like I said, there were many more, but I didn't get photos.  

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