Sunday, September 16, 2012

Quilt Show

I remembered that Sulphur Springs was having their quilt show yesterday.  So, I headed up there.  They do a fall festival on this weekend every year.  Unfortunately it concides with our county fair, which is one reason I ususally forget they are having the quilt show.  I have only once, many years ago put a quilt in a show outside our community.  I am planning on getting some made and send them around a few shows.  My husband wants see some of mine at the ones we go to.  He says it will make it more fun.  So here a few pics from the quilt show.  Note:  I only take pictures of ones I like and find interesting, or I find something in the quilting I want to remember.
This was my favorite.  I took a lot of time for the quilter to piece the top and it was amazing.  The quilter was a man if I remember right.  I have not heard of him in the area.  I saw a few that he had quilted and they were all nicely done.

I like the detail on the colums.  I need to remember that I can add elements that emphasize the shape.

I have seen the dresses before, but it always makes me think of my childhood.  Mom would always make my closthes for school and I loved that.  I still sew clothes for myself.

It is raining a bit today.  Makes for good sewing weather.  I have to go take down the cultural arts exhibit after church this morning.  Then I can get some time in my favorite room!  I am looking forward to it. 

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