Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fair Time Again

I have been working this week on taking in entries and setting up for the fair.  There were 50 quilts that came in this year.  We have quilts all over the place.  I was working on writing out the ribbons to place on the quilts and the dog ate several of them last night.  So I will have to get some more ribbons.  I was ready to get her good!  Fall is slowly coming in, despite the 100+ degree days.  A cold snap will come in tonight and drop the weekend temps to the 80's.   Bring it on!!  I have had several people call to bring in quilts.  I managed to get one of mine  done.  I plan to send it around to shows.  Maybe it will do good.
Here is the Star Button quilt.  I'll post some pics later from the fair.

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