Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Family Day

Today is my brothers twin girls 18th birthday.  It doesn't seem like 18 years has passed.  Looking on facebook, it seems that everyone's kids have grown up and are all becoming 18.  It was hard enough when my kids turned 18, but to see that all around me they are all growing up.  So many times we keep the "kids" as kids in our mind.  It will be a good day to get to see them and several other relatives today.  Almost like a family reunion.  I have a very estranged relationship with my brother.  I care for him and always hope that things get better for him, both spirtually and medically.  For whatever reason he has anger issues and it makes it difficult to be around him at times.  I hope that I get to see him today and that it will be a good day.

Jim and I spent some time yesterday to get the painting done outside.  The temp was to be above 50 so we painted the wood and across the front of the house where the gutters fell down due to rotted wood.  First part of next week the roofer is coming to install seamless gutters across the front of the house.  He says it will keep it from dripping on us like it used to.  It was not the best gutter system on the house when we bought it.  Now that our kids are older, we have a bit more income to use to fix up and repair things around the house that need it.

On the subject of kids.  Matthew says he is moving out.  He thinks he may move out by February 1st.  Although Jim and I are ready for him to move, we think he should strongly get a room mate.  He says he has one in mind, but does not know if it will work out.  It is not our choice...a female.  We will have to see how it goes.  I am going to sit down with him this week and go over a budget to make sure he has thougth of everything and if he can truely afford to be on his own.  We will continue to help provide car and medical insurance until he is 25.  Doing that helps the kids out tremendously.

I did not keep a close eye on my propane gas level.  It is down lower than I have ever seen it.  I am glad it is to be a warm day today, so I am leaving off the heater in my studio.  Tommorrow I have the day off and it is to be cold.  I will want the heat tommorrow.  I hope the gas people are working and didn't get the day off. 

I have been cutting out the second quilt for the cruise.  Oh my goodness!  Over 1500 pieces.  I am so bored of cutting this one. 516- 2" squares, 1032 - 2" x 5" rectangles.  I am so tired of cutting them.  The only thing that keeps changing is the fabric.  All the 2" squares are solid black.  The other pieces are a large variety of light and dark fabrics.  It is a lot of ironing, cutting and refolding many pieces of fabric to get the variety the quilt needs.  I do believe it will be awesome when it is done. 

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