Saturday, January 12, 2013

Blogger Problem

I looked at getting a different blog, but I really like blogger.  So I decided not to do that just yet.  I thought, there has to be a forum and I finally found what I was lookimg for.  (Now if I can remember how I got there so I can go back.)  I checked into known issues and my issue was listed.  On January 4, 2013 several people are experiencing problems with the photo upload.They are working on the problem.  Hopefully they will find a solution soon.

The weekend is finally here!  I have one quilt kit cut for the cruise adn I am going to mark the stitching/cutting lines on the squares so that I won't have to do it on the cruise.  That will speed up the stitching consideraby.  I should be able to get another kit cut this weekend.

I haven't heard from either Jefferson or Dallas if my quilt was accepted in the show.  If if was accepted in Jefferson, I will have to ship it soon, so I am waiting everyday by the mailbox for the notice (one way or the other).

I am still keeping up with the exercising.  I feel pretty good.  I can tell that my clothes are fitting better. I just feel good.  Strange thing about exercise.  You don't want to do it, but after you start and get a bit of a habit, you want to do it.  So I look for things to add to it...I use the crosswalk arms some, I have started working with my weights, and I am even working up to jogging.  I keep going faster and faster.  What I used to feel like was fast is super slow now.  I jog for short bursts, and they will probably get longer as I go along.  I also read while I am walking. There is a book shelf and put my Kindle on it and read while I walk.  It really helps the time to pass more quickly.

Jim and I got our passports in the mail yesterday.  Hurray!  We can now leave the country and get back in.  We are so getting ready for the cruise.  The cruise is paid for.  We are now saving money for everything else.  We have looked at the different excursions that are listed and picked a few that seem interesting.  He doesn't want to pay ahead of time, but rather put in a reservation.  That way if it is raining or whatever, we don't lose our money for something we would not be able to do.  I don't know if it works like that or not.  In any case, if we just go shopping and looking around at each port, we are okay with that.  I am sure that there will be plenty to do between land and ship.  Now to get busy with the day.  It just started pouring rain here.  Where did that come from?  It was like 60-65 when I got up at 5:30.  My sister said it is suppossed to drop like crazy today and possible freezing percipitation by Monday.  Crazy weather.

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