Thursday, January 17, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

Here we are at week two.  I was hoping that it would be different than what happens on Biggest Loser, but alas, week 2 got me!  I did not lose any weight.  I think the thing with week 2 is that you feel so good from week 1 you get a little lax.  I was not as strict on myself on what I ate the past week.  Yes, I did indulge in a few things.  Hopefully, food that I have not purchased will not show up to tempt me this week.  I did keep up the walking and therefore, I did lose some inches.  Measurements are:  Bust 44 3/4", waist 38, hips 45, thigh 24 7/8".  I lost 1 7/8" this past week.  I am not sure if I keep measuring in the same spot each week for the thighs.  I think after awhile it will be more of a habit and I will hit the same spot.  Since starting I have lost almost 4".  I feel good about that.  So I plan to do better this week.  If there is not a change in the weight, I need to find something else to add or do to make that happen.

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