Friday, January 4, 2013

Not What I Expected

I have been looking at getting a Slice cutter since I first saw one at the Houston Quilt Show.  I have been trying to decide if I would use it often enough to pay for itself.  I do applique, but I haven't that much in the past.  This year I am going to concentrate on needle turn applique.  So I have been searching the web to get ideas for what all I could do with the Slice.  After I saw some paper projects on Pinterest I was pretty much sold.  But I didn't find out enough before the Black Friday sale ended, so I have been on the lookout for a good deal.  In the meantime, I started following their blog so I could stay up to date on info about the Slice and if they have another special.  I left a comment when they were giving away some fabric scraps.  I like to make miniature quilts at times and the fabric looked really cute (especially if that was what they would be sending) because it was something that I didn't usually buy.  Jenn contacted me and said she would send a care package.  I got it yesterday.  Boy, was I surprised!  I did not receive fabric scraps, I got a bag, tool kit and some crafting items.  I was very happy and surprised.  I had been looking at purchasing the bag and tool kit, but backed out at the last minute.  Now I am glad I exercised a little patience.  Now to go ahead and get my machine so I can start slicing.  I also have to have the hands free kit.  I will be checking at Amazon and the Slice website.  I was going to add a picture, but for some reason blogger is not giving me that option.  Maybe later.

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